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At CMR Training, our mission is to help you reach your fitness goals, no matter what they are. We are passionate about helping our clients move better, feel better and look better. Our focus revolves around mobility, functional movement, and building strength through body weight exercises and resistance bands.

We strive to create a motivating and fun atmosphere that will help you reach your goals. Our trainers are dedicated to helping you achieve the best version of yourself. Let us help you reach your fitness goals.




I believe that fitness is more than just a workout - it's a lifestyle. That's why I strive to make fitness easily accessible, enjoyable, measurable, and goal-oriented. My approach to fitness is all about balance as I believe that sustainability is key to achieving long-lasting results. As a passionate advocate of sports and fitness, I understand the importance of keeping the body moving as we age. Having experienced chronic pain myself, I am committed to helping others achieve their fitness goals while maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

With a background in gymnastics, pole fitness, body weight and weight training, I can provide you with knowledge and guidance to assist you in achieving your fitness goals. Through my own fitness journey I have lost 15kg and my mobility is better now at 52 then it was at 40. I look forward to helping you move better, feel better and achieve your fitness goals.


I've always been active, playing sports and staying fit throughout my life. But as I got older, I realized I needed to do more to regain my agility and flexibility. After a health scare at 45 I made the decision to quit my desk job and become a fitness professional so I could help others like myself.

 I am dedicated to helping people achieve their health and fitness goals though personalised training programs and expert guidance. With my extensive qualifications, I can provide you with the knowledge and resources necessary  to help you attain your desired outcome. My commitment is to ensure every client receives a fitness experience that caters to their unique needs. 

My qualifications include Cert III and IV in Fitness Personal Training;

Australian Strength & Conditioning Coach (Lvl1)

Sports Medicine Australia Sports Trainer (Lvl1)

Performance Nutrition Coach (Lvl3)

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